The Brand

We create designs with thought and meaning, reimagining urns as more than just containers of cremated ashes. 

A first in the funeral industry, Samsara Designs houses designer urns made by internationally recognized designers Camille Ayala and Eber Sy. Handmade by artisans in the Philippines who have mastered the craft of using indigenous materials farmed and sourced locally, each piece is created with the intention of encouraging people to put more thought into choosing an urn, because we believe that an urn is essentially someone's final home.

Since its inception, the heart of our brand has always been at reshaping the way we perceive death through death positivity. This manifests in our approach of designing urns as objects worthy of being someone’s final home. Our urns are designed to carry character that would embody the personality of the person it is housing, beautiful enough that it would appear as a lovely home decor and would not look out of place inside a special place, be it inside your home, a columbarium, or the cemetery. 

Samsara Designs urns are not your usual urns for ashes. A beautiful urn for a beautiful soul, because a beautiful soul deserves a beautiful final home.